Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Soft lips caress, and fingers drift, slowly and in meditative mood,
Up and down the arching spine.
Breathing deepens and speeds, there is sense of urgency, a sense
Of no return, a coming together that has been
Long waited for. And then, and then.
It is all over.
A flash fiction of a story, swift and concluded,
A breathless headlong rush to climax,
And then nothing, emptiness.
And the turning over to a blank page.

In the dark they lie, close, but a million miles
Apart. Each cocooned in a darkened velvet
Cocoon, hidden and silent.
Is this the end?
Is this what it has all come to?
Is there nothing more?
And slowly, in the dark, eyes close,
And sleep beckons as the paling moon
Sweeps her silvered glance across the room,
And weeps a silver star of tears for the loss
Of love, and of hope.

© 2ndwitch, 14/05/14

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