Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I left her lifeless body . . 
Well, obviously, as it was no use to her or me without
Any life in it, so I left it where it lay.
I turned away, and tears cascaded down my
Cheeks, as the memories of all those years passed
Into salt water, and were burned into the skin
Of memory by a bitter wind.
And her body was on the floor.
So I left it, her body, all her vitality had seeped away
And dissolved the breath that had been in her lungs,
And the spark that used to live in those clear
Blue eyes, faded and the blue turned to opaque
Grey and faded into death.
So I left her lifeless body there, left it behind me,
On the floor, and tried to move on.
Tried to find a new way, a new love, a new life.
And I failed.
I had always been wise to her little ways, and now
I had left her lifeless body on the floor.
No turning back.

(c) 2ndwitch, 25/02/14

(With thanks to Richard Thompson, whose song 'Auldie Riggs' was the inspiration for this poem, however laterally, for more info see http://richardthompson-music.com)


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