Sunday, February 09, 2014

Something more.

One day, one day in the future, perhaps one day we will meet again
Far away, far away in time and in place.
We cannot remain here, for here is not a place that we can
Continue to be. It is not where we can remain.
So we will need to move on, to go somewhere else, to start again
And if we move on, then perhaps we will meet again.
In a place that is far away.

You wish you knew me before.
But the me that we me before was not the person you know now.
The me of today is not the me of yesterday,
And yesterday is past, it has gone, and is strange and no longer
Familiar to us. So if, or when, we meet again
It will be in a place that is far away, and then,
And only then, you will have known me before.

Perhaps one day there will be a happy ending, perhaps
One day, in that future far away, someone will want
To care, and will not care who we were before.
And whilst we cannot remain where we are now, we
Can move on, and hope and work for that ending,
The happy one that we are promised, for we are told
That each person was created from a whole, and
Each whole now is only half, to become whole again 
When, in that place far away, they meet themselves.

So one day, one day in the far future, when you knew me
Before, we will meet, and then we will be what we have
Always been, the living proof
Of someone different to ourself.

(c) 2ndwitch 09/02/14

(With my thanks toAmy Macdonald whose song "Mr Rock & Roll" was the inspiration for this poem, see )


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