Friday, January 24, 2014

Red leaves and autumn winds

And surely I am bleeding, your words are sharp,
They cut me to the bone, they peel back the skin
And muscle and leave only a skeleton
Of feelings. 
The vultures gather, and hover, circling lazily
Around and around, black against a
Steel grey sky that is crying,
And I bleed.
Yes, I can see the stars, they flash
Bright, but so far away, between the slowly
Beating vulture wings that mark time
Until I die.
I could have held tight, held onto love,
Instead I opened my arms, and it flew,
Away, into the sky to mock me from the height,
Me, below.
And so I beg that the knife be blunted and put aside,
That the razor of your criticism be sheathed,
And the gathering of vultures placated
With another sacrifice.

(c) 2ndwitch, 24/01/14
(With thanks to Willy Porter whose song 'Breathe" was the inspiration for this poem,


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