Monday, November 01, 2010


I used those words to mean what I wanted them to mean.
I failed to make myself clear.
The words flew out into the ether, and spun their web,
And caught in themselves a prey I did not mean.
I spoke my mind, and spoke it harsh and free.
And I was not understood.
The words I spoke dug traps upon the path,
And I did not see in time to set you free.
The pain and hurt of words that pierce and cut with fine-edged blade
Cannot be underestimated.
They slashed and hacked at the web of pain I’d made
And I did not see that you were cut with careless blade.
Words, once spoken, cannot be recalled.
Words can wound and hurt without intent.
Words can build a friendship, or
Destroy it without a care.
I would that my words could be remade.
(c) 2ndwitch (01/11/10)


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