Friday, September 10, 2010

In case of alarm.

In case of alarm break glass.

Or perhaps not, perhaps

It would be simpler and wiser just

To use a corkscrew.

Oblivion only 3 bottles for a tenner

At your local supermarket.

And who cares if it tastes like vinegar

Because after the first large glass

You can’t tell!

Oblivion, and the answer to every problem

There for the taking.

Just drink it and forget -

Until tomorrow, or tomorrow or tomorrow.

But the wine does not answer back,

It does not argue or expect you to see reason

Or sense.

It does not care if you laugh or cry,

It does not care if you sleep in your chair,

It does not care if you wake with a mouth

Like the bottom of a rat’s cage.

It does not care.

Oblivion in a bottle.

Short term solution that causes long-term pain.


(c) 2ndwitch, (10/09/10)


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