Friday, September 10, 2010

Found and Lost

These things I have found: the joy of a smile,

The challenge of an opposing point of view,

The humour in strong drink,

The pathos in food,

The chance to wander far without taking a step,

The challenge to get up and walk to somewhere new,

The pleasure of long nights,

The torture of long nights,

The knowledge that however long the night

Comes eventually the day.

And these things I have lost: the joy of your smile,

The challenge of fighting you for the argument’s sake,

The knowledge of the pain of strong drink,

The pleasure of retreat into food,

The wandering of the active mind,

The desire to explore new pastures,

The longer the night the less the pleasure,

The longer the night the greater the pain,

And the hope that, however long the night, there will

Come eventually the day.

(c) 2ndwitch (10/09/10)


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