Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chance encounter

I was wandering, not quite so lonely as a cloud,

But aimlessly round some parts of the online world,

That I visit only now and then.

And saw you.

Cold water.


I was shaking, and again

The pain inside my heart reared its head.

A simple chance encounter to reinforce

The knowledge of what has been lost.

Why should I care?

I do not know, but care I do.

About you.

That idle walk along familiar lanes

Long visited, safe and secure,

Suddenly the ground shook beneath my virtual feet,

And the safety was smashed around me

Like a cast off bottle of wine

From a passing drunk.

The act of being reminded of something painful

Has a number of interesting consequences;

Not the least of which is a maudlin

Tendency to descend

Into cliche and hackneyed phrase!

(c) 2ndwitch (11/09/10)


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