Friday, February 20, 2015

Recalling a Wild Cat - for Becky's Dad.

May the wind be gentle as it fills your sails,
And your boat skim the waves as it heads out from the bay.
Set fair your course, for a land that is sunlit,
Where there are fires on the shore, fish to catch,
And a kettle to boil at the end of the day.
May your pennant fly bravely, and dance in the breeze,
And your hand on the tiller be steady and firm.
May your journey be endless, the charts of the heavens
Show stars to plot your course, and the wind
Fall at sunset, to let you sleep the night in peace.
May you find islands and shores of plenty,
Laughter and grace wherever you go, and a safe
Harbour that takes you safe within its walls.
May the life on the other ocean be calm, and may
Memories be the legacy, and your smile live
On in dreams.

© 2ndwitch, 20/02/15

(I should probably not publish this poem yet, but I have kept to publishing at the time of writing for all of this blog, so can only hope those that were so much in my mind as I wrote will understand. I will revisit and perhaps explain in due course - maybe.)
(Added note - I mentioned a very special friend in a poem the other day, sadly her dad has died. I discovered, not so long before he died, that he and I shared a deep love of the Lakes (actually, I knew that bit!) and of Swallows and Amazons. I knew he was dying, and I wanted his passing to be as peaceful as it could be, and that wish expressed itself in the above poem.)

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