Tuesday, February 17, 2015

For Becky.

When life is closing in, and choking the very life
Out of you, when the panic is strangling you
And every breath is a battle in an endless war,
Then remember, remember this,
You are loved, and there are many
And many who walk this road beside you.
When the night is pressing down on the happiness
You have treasured, and kept hidden inside,
That is when you must remember,
Remember this - you are truly loved,
And your time on earth is precious,
And each smile, each word, each shared tear
Is a jewel in the crown that you wear.
When the day seems so long that you
May never see its end, that is when
You must remember, remember this,
You are here, and the reason you are here
Is that you are here.
No-one else can take your place on this earth
And no-one ever will.
And so you keep on keeping on.

© 2ndwitch, 17/02/15

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