Friday, November 28, 2014

Last will and testament

Who I am is not something that you can ever know
For the sky turns pink when the sun is setting
And the journey I travel is a strange one to you
For the sky turns dusk-deep-blue when the sun has set
And the places that I visit and ones that mean something to me
And the sky turns black as night casts its spell on dusk
As I turn and wave goodbye and walk out of the door
The stars are clinging to the velvet curtain before the dawn
And my footsteps tread along the old old road
As the sky wakens the cloud-girt morning at the opening of the day
And the road rolls over hill and dale
Burnt amber-grey in the midday sun
The bracken waves and fades into facsimile flames
And the void is all that is left.
© 2ndwitch © 28/11/14 (and the lack of all punctuation bar the last full stop is quite deliberate.)

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