Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Meeting.

I met you, one day, unexpectedly, and since then
I have thought of you every day.
I met you, one day, when I was not looking to
Meet anyone, and since then
I have always watched.
Often in silence.
I met you, and for a while you walked with me,
You held my hand, or so I thought,
And walked along at my side.
I thought I would always have you in my life.
But when things were not right,
When life became hard,
And the night was long, long and dark,
Then you were not there, then
I could not find your hand, and
I could not see or hear you beside me any more.
And when I called to you, in pain
And in fright,
Only my own voice echoed back at me.
The trust I had felt, the sense of belonging
And certainty for the future evaporated.
Perhaps I never met you at all.

© 2ndwitch 27/09/14

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