Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I want to do nothing.

When the day has faded from gold to soft grey,
And the twilight sings with the evening songs
Of the leaves, and the whispers of bat wings
Tell each other the secrets of the day now ending,
That is when I dream.
I dream of being accepted, whatever I am,
Whatever you are, and whoever anyone might be.
I dream of peace, and smiles as we pass on the street.
I dream of kind words from the people we meet.
I dream of silence, and contentment as the blanket
Of night falls onto the sleeping day,
And the stars, bells in the velvet sky, chime
A lasting lullaby.
I dream of one day, one future day,
When you and I, whoever you are, can sit
In silence and do nothing together.
When all the world can halt, and watch in peace
And understanding, and when no-one will be alone
As the depth of night descends.
I dream.

© 2ndwitch, 24/09/14

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