Sunday, September 14, 2014

By the Clyde

There are days when the sky is just grey.
Not steel grey, no drama, no rolling clouds,
But flat, dull and simply grey. Today.
And on that day I sat and watched the soft sunlight
That sneaked past the cloud, as it played with the leaves,
The leaves that the wind made to dance.
I listened to the birdsong, the harshing call of
The crows, and the insistent chatter of the great tits.
I saw the skeletons of pine cones left by
Hungry squirrels, and saw the golden crested flash.
I walked beside the water, slowly, but steadily,
Pausing to listen and watch, to see the dipper bob and
Dive against the stream, and walking on in silence
That demanded no disturbing words.
On this day there was peace.

© 2ndwitch, 14/09/14

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