Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter's Song

When the cold of winter strikes deep into your bones,
And the wind winds its tendrils between your fingers
And clings, tenaciously, to the down up on your cheek,
Tis then you cast your thoughts back upon summer.
The days when the sun just shone, and shone, and you
Thought that you would never be cold again;
The days when the white clouds scudded and frolicked
In a blue sky pool of liquid sapphire;
The nights when you sat beneath the stars whilst
Candles flickered and danced.
And when you creep out from beneath the heated sheets,
And through the window see the snowflakes dance;
When the frost has etched a pattern on the glass,
Tis then you think back to those long gone sun-kissed days.
The days when the rain was soft upon your downy skin,
And washed you clean with gossamer fronds of silken thread;
The days when the breeze blew away the cobwebs of
The winter days long gone, and caressed your cheeks;
The days when the infinite seemed a mere heartbeat away,
And yesterday was a herald for tomorrow.
And in the dark days of the year, the fire burns and crackles
With an echoed capture of sunshine’s rays;
And the silver, blue, red and gold of Yule flash sparks 
To give the promise that one day, one day, summer will come once more.
(c) 2ndwitch, 16/12/11


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