Sunday, January 22, 2012

The sound of silence

Silence is a powerful thing. 
It is the calm after the storm, before the mending of fences.
It is pause in the eye of the hurricane before hostilities start again.
It is the confidence of understanding between old friends.
It is the pain of misunderstanding between new friends.
It is the wall behind which a thousand million tears can be hidden.
It is the acceptance of that for which there are no words.
It is a weapon, brandished and wielded to hurt and destroy.
Silence is golden.
Silence is silver.
Silence glistens with fool’s gold.
Silence is blue and purple and pink and red.
Silence is black.
It is laughter.
It is pain.
It is sorrow.
It is loneliness.
It is love.
It is hate.
It can hurt,
(c) 2ndwitch, 25/11/11


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, i wish i have found out those words before you. But i will not be able to understand what feelings caused those words. there are great.

1:01 pm  

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