Sunday, January 22, 2012

I bite the hand

At last, to you, I am not worthless.
But, but, but - - - you measure me by means of
The bottom line.
My value is in pounds and pennies.
My worth is judged by the impact I have on the money
You have
To enjoy yourself.
The cost of things is what matters
To you.
But at long last, someone thinks I am not worthless.
After so many years, to you, I have value.
You see me as a person.
But as a person who is limited by what I deserve;
I deserve so much to be spent on me,
You will buy me such a treat, or such a different treat.
You will be nice to me, and take me out,
And feel good because you are giving to the needy on your terms.
Things, buying, paying, yes, in that way
To you
I have a value, after all this time.
But I am not to be measured by what I can afford.
I am not the sum of the labels I wear.
I am not of less or more value because I do or do not have money.
I do not feel loved or cherished by coffee or food.
I do not feel grateful when someone gives me the dregs
Of what they do not need for themselves.
I am not a charity case, to be patronised and to say thank you
For every little crumb you fancy passing on to me.
I am a person, I have value for myself, money has nothing to do with it.
So really, to you, I am worthless indeed.
(c) 2ndwitch, 7th Jan, 2012


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