Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Apology

I want to tell you I am sorry, but will you listen to what I say?
I want to say I got it wrong, that my words got sent astray.
I want to mend the things that broke
To make the parts back whole
But when I try, I cannot find a way.
It is all too easy to descend into cliche and the commonplace,
To make the heartfelt words march to an age old tune
That riles and rankles in a modern age.
But even so, it can be the hardest thing anyone can ever say,
Simply - I am sorry. 
Trite? It quite possibly is, and yet, and yet
The meaning is surely not obscured by the poorly drawn
And cheap imitation kitten that graces the card
That carries the message that an apology
Is being offered?
Can we draw a line under all that went wrong?
(c) 2ndwitch, 22/12/10


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