Friday, November 26, 2010

Sometimes time.

There are times, my friend, times when I simply need,
Need hugs, kind words, perhaps some understanding,
Perhaps not.
Sometimes understanding does not matter to me,
Nor should it to you.
Sometimes it is simply enough that I am accepted.
Cold thoughts linger as the first snows fall,
And on my mind is the turning of the year.
A time when goodwill is urged to all men, and yet,
And yet.
It pains me to lose that regard that at the time
It was given meant so little to the giver
Or to me.
But lose it I have, more than once and more than one.
Is this the time to draw that proverbial line,
And move on, offering to others the hand of peace,
The words of peace, and the begging of forgiveness?
But still, there are times when however much that road
Appeals and draws me on,
I cannot forget what went before, the pains, the laughter,
The words of life, of love, of hope, of hurt and harm,
Too much, too many, the water of life flows fast
And swiftly moves the present to the past.
Yet, there are times, sometime, times
When I need, and crave, to find again the times
That went before.
Time is like a river, fast-flowing and cold,
Carrying me onwards, as I grow old.

(c) 2ndwitch 26/11/10


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