Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Late nights and lullabies

The radio plays its lazy laid back songs as the night moves onwards
And onwards, heading for the midnight hour, and then down to the dawn.
The soft voice drawls the links between the tracks, and reminds us
Of the times we used to dream of romance and love and life.
The dreams we used to talk of when we sat and drank till dawn,
Are long gone memories, faint ghosts that hover to remind us
How young we used to be. How young, our youth would bring to life
The plans and plots we hatched and hoped would take us onwards.
The rain beats on the windows whilst the wind howls all around us,
And the fire falls in a shower of sparks, and some wood brings it to life.
Nostalgic tunes are playing, and we sing the songs that used to pull us onwards
Whilst thinking with regret of what might have been, and hopeful of one more dawn
The times that passed then, pass before us now, a flickā€™ring reel of life,
Played back to the soundtrack of the old tunes, and the DJ that sends us onwards
Towards the tomorrow that we once swore we would never let reach the dawn.
Those times are here now, gone now, still to come, and are ever a part of all that is us.
(c) 2ndwitch (02/11/10)


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