Tuesday, August 30, 2005

30th August 2005


What is love? Is it for me?

Can I call out at the dead of night,

And know that you are there?

Is that love? A warm security?

Can I rely on what you say

And what you promise me for now

And forever?

Does love go on and on? Or is it just

A few days, weeks, or months?

Is what we say today, tonight,

Still warm when viewed in the cool clear light of dawn?

Can I trust you to love me

The way that I love you? Will you

Change, and grow away next year,

Sometime, never?

Should I put conditions on love,

Demand proof of what you say?

Unconditional love is a burden heavy

Perhaps too heavy for me. I am not strong

And will likely fail the course.

What is love?

Perhaps it’s not for me.

© C P Brooks 1995


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