Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Reality, and pink cheese

On the internet it is possible to find advice
On just about any topic at all.
It is especially common to find well-meaning
Articles suggesting that the reader should
Stop living in the past, and
Stop criticising themselves, and
Stop being negative, and should
Go out and do what they want, and
Go out and live their dreams, and
Go out each day as though there were
No tomorrow; and tomorrow and tomorrow
Whereon creeps, said the man from Stratford,
Is when the innocent reader steps
Out of their front door, determined
To follow all the advice; and tomorrow and tomorrow
Is when again and again the innocent reader
Falls flat again and again; and tomorrow and
Tomorrow is when the innocent reader either
Realises that life is not a picture of kittens on
Some social media site, or does not so realise.
In the former case, the daily drudge doubles
In its burden; and in the latter case
The innocent reader is plain deluded.
It is not possible to go out and just live
Your dreams, unless your dreams encompass
Slogging round Asda, your boots leaking,
And the cat being sick on the living room floor.
© 2ndwitch, 17/02/16

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Blogger grams ramblings said...

Normal life has to resume then.
A few acrostics for Good Friday

8:22 pm  

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