Sunday, July 26, 2015

A caching poem . . .

One overcast and rainy Scottish summer day
A tired and harassed father was loudly heard to say:
"My little saints and cherubs,
Let's go and hunt for treasure"
And grumpy grousing children were hurried on their way!

No need to call for help, no need for 192,
Just keep following the arrow, its direction true.
Through the mud and nettles,
Over thistles, dodge the midges;
In search of hidden boxes, hidden well from view.

Y oh why, the children ask, what is our purpose here?
And daddy smiles and tells, all will soon be clear.
This one is a small one,
Underneath a stone.
And yes, they've nabbed it, their first cache is here!

Like a pirate map perhaps, where X marks the spot,
Now they race across the field, to find another pot.
Dodge the cow pat,
Over the stile,
Scrabble under the hedge, and another cache is got!

There is no Q to play this game, it's free to one and all,
Just use your phone, or similar, more fun than a ball.
Keep searching in the crannies,
The nooks that hide the cache,
And more committed cachers have yielded to the siren call!!

© 2ndwitch, 26/07/15.

Hidden in the poem above, (and I know it's doggerel, but 'tis only meant to be fun) is the tracking code for a TB that you can 'discover'! Just to help you, the first verse is the intro, the code is in the rest of the poem, and it is 3 numbers followed by 3 letters. Good luck!

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Blogger BeckyG said...

Love it! :o)

4:58 pm  
Blogger madmotherfromheaven said...

Brilliant little poem for work out to find the code for your TB

11:44 pm  

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