Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Thank you for . . .

In the tone of the voice sits the warmth of the smile,
And the notes that dance on the bow are laughing;
Even when the song is sad, the warmth spreads
Like sinking into a scented bubble bath, and the
Velvet tones caress the senses, and soothe the soul.

In the whispered love-words of those dextrous fingers
And the tautness of the strings, there sings a glory
Of intimate erotica; the song the guitar sings is
For your ears only, all else are voyeurs, and should
Not be listening, nor drowning in sound.

The soft and sensuous marriage of horse hair and
Metal, vibrating in time, creating cadence,
Soaring, eagle-like, over the mundane and everyday
Troubles; here, in stark relief is the condensed
Experience of all human kind.

© 2ndwitch, 14/01/14

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