Monday, October 20, 2014

not nuts

spaghetti comes in strands that twirl and twist
like slippery string, and that knot themselves like
macrame that will not stay together, but that
seems to create a new image then dissolves
into a different wormy mass of wriggle.
should it be forced to be a different kind
of pasta, to become tubic macaroni that sits
quiescent on the plate, and that gobbles its own
way into the sauce, like vacuum pipes
or sections of the connections that link
oil rigs with containers?
or should it be made to spiral itself into
fusilli, and rotate around a dish, like
tadpoles that have been lulled into a
state of pre-frog torpor?
surely it does not matter what shape the pasta
is, for it is pasta, and as pasta it is part of the
great universe of foods that can be cooked
and eaten?

© 2ndwitch, 21/10/14

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