Wednesday, September 03, 2014

My Prayer For The Day.

Each day I read and I wish.
I watch and I wish.
I listen and I wish.
I read your words, and wish my arms
Could stretch across miles.
I watch your tears and wish my arms
Could circle your shoulder with love.
I listen to your voice, and wish my heart
Could talk, could sing, could give you harmony.
I cannot stop the pain,
It will happen again
And again.
I cannot quell the fear,
It comes near
And near.
I cannot stem your tears,
I cannot hold back the years,
None of the years.
Each day I wish, and wish again,
And still I wish I knew
Who you were, what you are,
Because without knowing you
I still care.
And I wish, how I wish,
How I truly wish that someone
Somewhere cared for me.

© 2ndwitch, 03/09/14

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