Friday, August 15, 2014


Grey clouds jostle with each other in a crowded sky,
Rain vessels in a bargain bin, waiting to be selected and
Allowed to cry crocodile tears for the summer that has gone.
The tree outside the window sways slowly, imagining the breezes
That earlier stirred it to life, and waiting for the autumn to send
Winds of change and cold breath. Birds pause, waiting, waiting
Also, for reason to call, to fly, for feathers to stroke the air and caress
The softening harbinger of velvet and silk studded night.
All is suspended, life has halted and now sits, quiescent but
Powerful, the sun arrested in her heavenly orbit, a still point
When around the universe spins and speeds towards an
Untimely end. Even the stars are silent, their light hushed
In expectation. The countdown has begun.

© 2ndwitch, 15/08/14

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