Saturday, May 12, 2012

Camel and needle

I will not lower my eyes in shame
To satisfy you.
I will not bow my head
Or plead for understanding.
Please know this,
You who judge others as
You judge yourself -
There is no shame in being poor,
No-one is degraded
By an empty purse.

But all round me
Shame and greed vie
For place, and kick
And fight and trample
Down the weakest ones.

I cannot stand
A supplicant
And beg for alms as you desire.
I have a right and a trust
And I am worth just as much as you.
I will not yield my place
Upon this earth to those
Who can afford to pay.

For each pound you
Take from those with naught
Is bathed in blood and tears.
Each penny grudged
Is torn from the bleeding
Land that we call home.
There is no value in dollars.
No pride in labels or toys.
No respect engendered
By high salaries
And bonuses.

But there is pride in
Taking a small child’s hand
And showing them where
The bluebells grow.
There is pride in love
That is not bought
Or paid for, but
Freely given.
Whatever you believe, my friend,
There is no price on heaven.

(c) 2ndwitch 11/05/12


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