Sunday, January 22, 2012

A love song

The clock goes tick, tick, tick, and in counterpoint the evening traffic
Splashes and mumbles its way along the road outside.
And I sit, in the dim glow of a late January afternoon,
Thinking, my thoughts dripping through my mind 
In time with the ticking of the clock.
In your youth, you shouted and cried with impetuous glee, 
And everything shone, it glittered, and sparkled with promise.
And you loved. How you loved, totally, passionately, completely.
But time passed, and first love faded into a few remembered moments.
And then you were less rushed, less hasty.
Again you loved, but this time with intensity,
With pain, and with obsession, and with grim determination
Not to let a moment of this important and life changing 
Relationship escape your fingers.
And, inexorably, love slipped away, ephemeral and fading,
Until one day you looked and saw only the grey embers 
Of the fire of love that had consumed your passing years.
And now, now, sat, with the ticking clock and 
The counterpointing traffic, you fear to love again.
Now you like, are fond of, want to be with, but know,
Know that you should hold back, and take things
Temperately this time, one step at a time.
And in the end, it will all turn to dust, my love, that passion,
The embers, the obsession, the glitter and the sparkle.
And all that will be left will be two people, grey with age,
Sitting, in silence, bar the ticking of the clock, and 
The splashing and mumbling traffic.
(c) 2ndwitch, 19/01/12


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