Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A Spring Sonnet

(Inspired by a man who is fighting a battle)

The land that silently stood, snow-veiled white,

Moves slowly and quietly into green.

And the high hills that iced sentinel bright

Kept watch, and grey rocks keep secrets unseen.

The rivers flow with waters fresh snow melt

And wash the gnarl-ed roots of ag-ed tree.

The silent castle, proudly stands, ill-dealt

With by the pains of life, no comfort see.

And then beneath the castle walls walks man,

Bowed low with all the burdens that he bears,

And cries unto the heavens for reprieve.

No more the weight of winter in his hands

Life’s retribution’s screams die in his ears

And now is come the time that he can grieve.

(c) 2ndwitch, 05/01/10


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