Monday, January 11, 2010

A Sonnet at the End of the Year

(The final sonnet in the series)

Now the months have passed away, and but days

Are left him until this year is over;

And the time is soon come for parting ways

Leaving the current trials for ever.

A time for forgiveness, time to move on,

Time to step forwards, part ways with the past,

Pain that has ripped out his soul shall be gone

The shell that is left be reclothed at last.

Whatever the fight gainst arrows that fly

Wherever the road that weary feet tread

Whoever casts rocks and snares in the way,

Can now be cast off, shed with wilding cry,

And the way now smooth, wherein he is led,

Come what will, to the end, shall come what may.

(c) 2nd witch, 11/01/10


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