Thursday, January 07, 2010

An Early Summer Sonnet

(Another inspired by the same friend.)

As green shoots open into youngling leaves,

And the early flow’rs of June stand unfurl’d,

Then early morning dew is fallen tears

And pain and woe are open’d to the world.

The warming days of summer cast their spell,

And velvet show’rs attempt to wash all clean.

The healing balm of sunshine tolls its bell

And calls the broken hearted to be healed.

But all the joys of summer cannot quell

The deepest hurt within that broken heart

The longest days are too short to relieve.

So though the lighter nights a pale dream tell,

And dew-rimed sunshine days can play their part,

There is a need for man to more believe.

(c) 2nd witch 06/01/10


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