Sunday, August 30, 2009

Careless words

In silent pain the scream inside me dies

I am alone.

The words once said, cannot be recalled,

And I am wounded.

That frail and fragile trust, that gossamer thread,

Is broken.

The deepest cut that will not heal,

Means I am bleeding.

The walls that I have built with such infinite

Care, placing brick upon brick upon brick

To protect me from the blinding light

And the steel-capped boots that kick

Are rubble, shattered by my own stupidity.

When will I learn?

I heard the cry of despair from deep inside

And felt the knife

As it etched the pain on a broken mind

And I listened.

The words were meant for me, not wanted,

But I heard them

My silent defences shattered with each soft-spoken line,

I am defeated.

I need to scream and shout and tear and shred,

To destroy the one who scarred me deep

And yet no malice flavoured what was said

And that fragile thread of friendship keeps

Me focussed on my own stupidity.

When will I learn?

(c) 2nd witch 30/08/09


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