Sunday, March 01, 2009

If I hear her voice, it is only in my dreams.

There is no going back from death,

It is final, a verdict with no appeal.

When someone has drawn their last breath

It is ended, no hope will reveal

A last word, or give a second chance

To the ones who stay here to grieve.

No matter how we wish for one glance

From her eyes, or what we believe

Is the final destination of her soul,

It cannot be, and the love that was is gone.

No-one can know the depth of despair

When a young life is so cruelly cut short.

This burden is one no-one can share,

This weight of tears that is so dearly bought,

Will not repair, nor from sadness release

The mourner, there is no moving on.

The memories shall never, never cease,

And the reminders in all that is done

Are all that is left of that whole,

Are the echoes of lament in a song.

Forever from now just recollections remain

And the words never spoken still mute,

Each day dawns in grey, broken by pain,

The thin cry of grief over all resolute,

No respite from knowing, no release from truth,

No ease from the dreams of what might have been.

Her face in my mind, the years will make proof

And the shortness of joy while  life was still green

Will be balm to the ache, faint comfort the soul

And her voice will remain in ears life long.

(c) 2ndwitch


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