Saturday, August 27, 2005

Saturday 27th August

A Journey.

I once walked the road you’re walking now;

I once scaled the fences,

and fell into the ditches

Which now beset your journey.

I too looked to others

to hold my hand,

And to help me on my journey.

The winds that blow and the rain that falls

Blew hard before, and turned the sun

away from its daily run

And hid her golden face behind

a mantle of iron clad grey;

No warmth upon the journey.

The steel grey sky, the raindrop tears

and the fears

Which held the traveller deep in thrall

Turned away

the companion from a brighter day:

And yet:

Kindness grew in the darkest places

soft-spoken words and kindly faces,

Hearths and fires

and food and drink and welcome;

Songs sang on a darkening night

by flickering light of lantern;

I found my journey not without

A lightening heart and hope of better things.

I once walked the road you’re walking now.

I’ll walk a mile with you.

© C P Brooks 1999


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